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by Sarah Rizaga

February 14, 2015


Hello lovely reader/s!
Wow! Its been so loooong since my last ootd post, i wont be surprised ya'll are snobbing me now (but, please dont), i promise i'll be active as hell as long as my school stuff is over. I already have quite few outfits to shoot but i just can't find time, good thing that my groupmates decided to take a break and celebrate the Valentine's Day!

Don't get me wrong guys, but for me, Valentines Day is just like a typical day, really. I just don't get why some other single people (mostly girls) are stressing about how they'll gonna be single forever. Haha i know right? Anyway,  last Feb. 09 was my 21st birthday and my wonderful parents gave me a new cam! Yaaay! Although it scares me to be this old, i can't help but smile at the thought that i am now legal! lol!

I got this dress from

It's really perfect when achieving that sweet romantic look, plus the bow prints really adds a nice chic touch.

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February 8, 2015

Sick Secret Spiller

In this generation, its really hard to tell your secrets to another soul because there are just two-ways about it, they're either: Gonna keep it or fucking tell someone. It's never safe because they will always tell another person about it. Humans.

Why are they doing it?

I know right?
You put your trust and cautiously expose your secrets into them with an overflowing emotions because you trusted them, and in the end, you'll gonna hear from another heartless stone-cold person that your secret is out. 

And you know what's the worst part? You'll have to face the secret-sucking mob of people that'll force you to explain why you didn't tell them. They'll gonna squeezed you to death just to get the remaining juice of your fucking secret. 

And the person you trusted would be like "Trust me, i didn't tell them!" Yeah right!

Well, i can see some reasons why they're doing it. Maybe because they can get fame out of that secret because everybody loves a show.

Person1: "Jessa told me that Jelly's name is really Jell-o but she got rid of "O" because its sounds like a spongy food! Haha don't tell anyone that i told you."

Person2: "Yuck! Don't worry i wont tell anyone!"

2 mins later...

Person2: "Come here bestfriend! You know what? Person1 told me that Jelly blah blah blah"

Person3: "Where did Person1 got that? That's so fucking gross! OMG im like going to throw up right now!" 

Person2: "I know right?! She told me that Jessa told her! Oh wait! Im gonna do a synchronize throwing up wit you!"

See? The spillers name will be credited, maybe that's why.

Or, they just can't shut their mouth because they are born witht the need of special attention 24/7 and they like spotlight so much that they crave for it.

Jessa: "OMG! I need to tell other people about Jelly's secret because i want some attention right now!"

Ugh. Sickhead.
That's a sneaky business damn it!

And you know what's the worse case scenario?

They do it because they are celebrating the fall and the epic fails of ones life in a humblest way they can because they don't want to be seen as the enemy. It's like an inside job.

You may see them as one of your allies, they may look and sound really nice while talking to you but when you turn your back, that's when their true colors shine. And its bad. Fucking bad.

So be careful who you tell your secrets to and if someone heartily open up their secrets to you, don't be a bitch or a jerk. have a heart and connect with what that person is feeling, try to wear their shoes before you go out and about with a megaphone in your salivating mouth.


gif from tumblr.
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January 24, 2015

Staying Motivated

Hello lovely reader/s!

Im so glad that i squeezed-in a time for an ootd shoot today because these past few days, i felt so stressed/pressured with all this thesis stuff. And i never felt so pressured until this final thesis came into my life. To lift my spirit up, i decided to literally delete all the songs in my phone because i want a fresh new start, free from the songs of the past that i used to listen because you know, i moved on. I replaced all the songs with motivated video that i converted into mp3, so basically they're like songs because they only last for about  3-4 minutes. Whenever i have a time i really make sure to listen to them, and i learned a lot, it also made me read real books again while sipping my tea and it just made my life a whole lot better.

 This Style Nanda inspired Unicorn Printed Shirt and Skirt is from
After i saw this in their site, my immediate thought was I have to get it and im glad that i did because it really spells sophisticated chic and you know, i always keep it low when it comes to showing too much skin, so this one comes in perfect.

This earrings are from

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January 14, 2015

My New Years Wishlist

Now that we're in the middle of the first month of the year, I've been thinking of spicing up my usual lady-like/modest style, especially that im devoting myself once again into having a fit body. And in this very year, i will soon be legal to do anything i may please, so why not make my style be more than what it is right?

So heres my new years wish list that will surely give my wardrobe a taste of heaven.

Please click on the photos for details



I will never say never to Pastels, Tie Dyed, Grid Prints, and Garden Prints!. Never.

And i just found a real gem when its comes to chic/feminine jumpsuits, and jumpsuits are the something im afraid to wear before, but i will wear one soon, hopefully #goals




And you can never go wrong with black and white people. They're classic!

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January 10, 2015

The Good Stuff

Hello lovely reader/s!

How's your New year so far guys? Mine didn't start off very well, because my laziness got the best of me and it roared like a thunder telling my mind and body the same thing... to sleep... all day. Haha! No. I just celebrated my new year spectacularly with my family that i exhausted my body way too much, and all the food just makes my head fuzzy because i ate quite a lot. Pig.

You can see the proof below, these photos was actually taken during the first day of 2015, my stomach was still full packed. Anyway this year, i feel like hugging all the good stuff, that's why i chose to wear this dress polka dotted pencil dress from so that i can be able to attract all the positive vibes and thoughts and vibrations this year! 

I know most of you aren't familiar yet with this store, i myself just got introduced to them over a month ago, and because they have a huge selection of items with over 40 categories, it means customers have a lot to choose from. I got this Polka Dotted Pencil Dress from them and i really love the fit, though my body was not in a good shape while wearing this (post holiday body), it actually turned out pretty good, i love how it fits.

Dress: HERE
Clutch: HERE
Boots: HERE

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